Tiktok Leggings - Grey

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Are you tired of changing clothes before going to the gym? Do you want to take exercise whenever and wherever you like? These Tikotk Big Booty Shaping Leggings Do it all for You Everything is skin-friendly and dry-wicking. Our fabric is designed to contour perfectly to your body, giving you a streamlined look. Kungary Tiktok leggings are so comfortable and soft that makes it your second skin with no limitation! These tiktok leggings, which are a perfect combination of softness and stretchiness, do it all for you. These leggings give your butt a streamline that your booty looks like a juicy peach; No pilling, Non-fading, Stretchy, Squat proof, additional butt lifting feature for a natural looking back. The material is thick enough that not see through if you bend over, but not too thick that it becomes hot and uncomfortable. You must know that the design of this pant is very sexy, so it may be a little see through if you choose a close-fitting size especially in the bright color. If you don't want to look too much see through, we recommend you go up a size and choose the dark color. Please carefully check the size chart and choose an appropriate size. If any value exceeds the standard, please choose a larger size.

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