Telephony Stack

“Embrace the Transition towards Hybrid and Pure Cloud communication services to manage your customer engagement”


A Full Featured Telephony Stack For VoiceAI Application Vendors

A one time API integration to enable Voice Bot Frameworks with PSTN/Telephony capabilities

A field tested, high availability, hyper scalable Telephony stack that is specifically designed to address the unique requirements of Voice AI applications.


An API based , Cloud optimised Call Progress Analysis Software to improve connect rate and increase agent productivity

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is a technology used with dialers meant to screen out calls that go to voicemail inboxes. This is a complicated technology requiring real time audio signal processing and complex algorithms. IraCPA enables businesses to add this feature using our easy to use websocket based API. 

IraCPA can be deployed along with IraDialer to improve the overall efficiency of the outbound voice campaigns by making sure that only those calls that are answered by persons are routed to the call centre agent while dropping the calls that land on answering machines.IraCPA has a proven success rate of 85 % and can complete the CPA process in less than two seconds to meet the telecom regulations in countries like USA ( TCPA compliance)

Epicode IraDialer

An API based Dialer software to empower CRM applications to add call channel to their customer engagement strategy

IraDialer is a collection of easy to use HTTP APIs, enabling companies to add outbound dialling abilities to their applications. With the iraDialer APIs, one can make outbound calls, play audio to the call via file or TTS, Collect DTMF inputs from the customers, mute, hold, conference calls etc.IraDialer can be deployed on leading Cloud data centre service providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and can also be integrated with multi channel communication and customer care SaaS provider platforms like Twilio, Vonage, Nice Incontact and others.Companies providing customer engagement business applications like CRMs, LMS, digital Marketing and emergency broadcast services can add voice based auto dialing and Survey campaign functionalities to their portfolio by integrating with IraDialer using its easy to use API library.


Improve outbound calling efficiency by connecting agents to live connections

IraPDA is an API based predictive dialer algorithm and is a part of Epicode’s CTE ( Computer Telephony Enablers) range of middleware products. IraPDA is designed as a backend module that can be used by Systems Integrators or Services providers in the Customer engagement solution space.Epicode’s IraPDA algorithm is built using the Markov’s Stochastic model resulting in optimal performance. Visit Markov_model for more information on the math behind predictive dialers.

One of the most sought after capabilities in an outbound dialer software is its ability to support the predictive dialer mode, especially for the Telemarketing and payment collections processes.